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Ani Black


Our world is currently in 

an accelerated era 

of great change.

Astrological counseling 

with Ani Black 

can help you 

navigate this period 

of intense upheaval and 

global transformation.

Ani Black is a counseling astrologer who has provided individual and couples counseling since 1977. Ani’s inquiring mind, a love of people and a keen observation of human nature gives her a natural edge in this work.

In 1986, Ani completed examinations with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, England and later earned a Bachelor’s degree at Concordia University (Buddhism and Eastern philosophy) in 1989.

Ani is sought after for her expertise in the analysis of individual and relationship dynamics, family dynamics, crisis management, business and career consultation, future plans, Astro*Carto*Graphy®, travel and relocation analysis, past life influences in the horoscope and more.
An international lecturer and educator, Ani travels worldwide, attracting an international clientele which she serves from her offices in Canada.

The ocean tides
affect us
all the time...

Sun planets

The Moon is tiny when compared to the enormous planets in our solar system, yet its gravitational pull is powerful enough to affect the level of Earth’s oceans every day. The human body is composed of over 70% water and cannot avoid being affected by the daily ebb and flow of gravitational energy.

The Earth spins on its axis and we experience day and night; yearly it revolves around the Sun causing the changing seasons. How can anyone possibly think the planets don’t affect us? As sure as the Sun rises, we are influenced by the cycles of the Moon and all the planets.

Astrology is humanity’s oldest and most enduring philosophy for understanding human behavior and life events. From ancient times, astrologers have studied how planetary movement affects us here on Earth. The planets are constantly in motion and so are we; an analysis of your individual astrology chart can reflect the many phases phases of your soul’s evolutionary journey which are unique to you and provide a fresh perspective and valuable insight into personality, career, relationships, challenging behavior patterns and more…

Explore how planetary cycles affect you and your universe.

Another view of the comparative size of
our Planets to each other and our Sun.

To gain some perspective... Imagine gravity in motion - the spinning planets moving through space are in a vast energy dance... and we are part of that dance.

Ani Black has provided individual, relationship and career counseling services since 1977. Formal education: Faculty of Astrological Studies, London, England; BA (Buddhism/Eastern philosophy) Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Active professionally, Ani has served as an advisory member to the Steering Committee of the Astrologers for Astrological Networking (AFAN) in Los Angeles. Ani wrote extensively on the topic of life after death and reincarnation in the religion department of Concordia. She was a member of Association for Past Life Therapy and Research (APRT) in Riverside, California. An international lecturer and teacher, Ani has lived in four Canadian provinces and travels worldwide, attracting an international clientele which she serves from her offices in Victoria BC, Canada. Ani maintains her growing global clientele by long distance telephone and the Internet.

Data required for a personal consultation:
• your full name
• your birthdate and year
• your place of birth and birth time
A solar chart may be calculated if your birth time cannot be obtained. 
Sessions are conducted by appointment only… call direct to schedule your appointment. 

An astrology session with Ani Black -
what can it do for me?

An astrology session can be conducted anytime to assist you in coming to clarity in any aspect of your life. One or more of the following services may be combined in any session to bring focus to your concerns:

  • – the natal chart sessionwho am I? what am I here to learn? how may I become more self-aware? what are my strengths, talents, challenges? 
  • – your natal chart updatedwhat might I encounter in the weeks, months or years ahead?
  • – relationship analysisLover, parent/child, work/business, family, friendship, marital… all relationships can be analyzed astrologically. what are our weaknesses and strengths? how long will our past/current difficulties prevail? what can we expect in the year ahead?
  • – crisis clarificationWhat is happening? Why is this happening to me/us? What can we do to move through this period of challenge with the greatest awareness and minimum damage? 
  • – past life perspectivewhat chronic repetitive behavior still inhibits me from moving forward in a positive way? why do I keep attracting a certain kind of relationship or person or life circumstances? How can I consciously move forward from these patterns?
  • – world travel consultationwhere in the world are my power zones? what areas are good for pleasure travel? Business success? positive relationships? which areas have past-life significance? 
  • – career potentialwhat are my career options? should I change my profession? to what? when? Is it time to take a course to upgrade my skills?
  • – business relationswill this new business partnership be profitable? what are it’s strengths and challenges? how may we resolve the difficulties in our already established business relationship? What talents can we capitalize on together?
  • – teenagers and young adultsI want to quit school; should I? what should I do when I graduate from high school? should I continue on to university or college, travel or go to work? if I choose work or further education, what are my innate skills? 
  • – newborns and childrenwho are these new beings living with us? what do they need to feel happy and whole? this makes a great gift for a newborn’s parents.
  • electing a date for an important event, wedding, AGM, business opening, closing a deal, whatever… 

  • • Payment for services is accepted by credit card or cash

    • Free gift certificates: give a gift certificate for a session and you pay  

  •   when they call to book their appointment

Why Do People Consult Astrologers?

by Gloria Carol, M.Div. 

Recently, I ran across an article I had been meaning to read for ages. When I first saw this article, entitled “Why Do People Turn to Pastors?”, written by a minister named P. Pruyses, I had a feeling it might contain interesting information for astrologers. After reading it, I realized that, while we astrologers have modeled our work on that of professional consultants or psychotherapists, in fact, what we do has more in common with ministers and rabbis than with any other profession. 

I’d like to take some of Pruyses’s thoughts and apply them to our experience. Doing so will help us clarify the particular niche that we hold in the world of helping professionals. In addition, as Pluto moves into Sagittarius, and the misconduct of organized religion becomes increasingly public, more and more people will be disillusioned by mainstream religion. They will turn to alternative philosophies to fulfill their spiritual needs, and astrologers who understand what people are looking for will be uniquely qualified to fill the gap. 

First, let me say that I’m not endorsing any particular theology, or suggesting astrologers set ourselves up as ultimate moral authorities or manipulate our clients to behave according to our personal religious beliefs. I’m sure none of us want to pattern our work on the negative aspects of mainstream religion. However, there are ways in which the clergy has played a positive role in communities and individuals’ lives, and I think astrologers play the same positive role. 

To understand what that role is, I’d like to take the title of Pruyses’s article and put the question to you this way: Why do people consult astrologers when any number of therapists, lawyers, social workers, and specialized agencies are available to them? After all, our clients come to us with legal, psychological, medical, and career issues that are more appropriately handled by professionals trained in those fields. Why do they consult us in addition to, or instead of, those other professionals? What unique perspective do we offer? 

I believe the answer lies in the fact that astrologers, like pastors, represent some kind of connection to a higher power, a larger cycle, and a deeper meaning. Some clients may consult us for simple information, such as whether they’ll win a court case, while others may want psychotherapy from us to understand or modify their psychological dynamics. I believe that, no matter what clients say they want from their readings, each one is asking questions that lawyers, doctors, consultants, and most psychotherapists are not equipped to handle. Our clients ask us to frame their issues in the context of a higher power and deeper meaning. They want to know where they stand in the universe. 

Our clients want to know what the divine intention is toward them. What does the universe have in store for them? They want to know why bad things happen to them and how they can grow from adversity. Also, I think forgiveness is a big question that comes up during readings. Most people feel guilty about something in their lives, and the chart helps them understand that painful experiences are not just “their fault”, but rather part of a larger growth cycle. Finally, in my opinion, the most important question has to do with life purpose. Clients want to know, “Why was I born? What am I supposed to accomplish in this lifetime?” 

Most psychotherapy helps people connect to their unconscious psychological processes and with their past experiences. Astrologers, pastors and a few enlightened psychotherapists are the only helping professionals who connect people to a sense that they are part of a divine plan. The people who consult us see us as mediators of a spiritual or metaphysical knowledge that helps them connect their personal world to universal cycles. 

So, while it is appropriate, even necessary, to bring non-astrological skills to our work, they are not the reason why clients seek us out. The core of our work is the intuitive knowledge of universal cycles which gives us a unique perspective on people’s problems. I think that is the particular thing that sets us apart from other helping professionals and motivates people to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment. As we build the profession of astrology, we can model parts of our practice on the clergy as a symbol of connection to the cosmic order.

Article published with permission from Gloria C. Carol

Pluto in Capricorn -
2008 - 2024

If your Sun (or any planets in your personal horoscope) is in the sign Capricorn or any of the Cardinal Signs ~ Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn~ heads up! It’s time to call your astrologer and make an appointment!

Pluto will remain in the sign Capricorn until 2024. Gone are the years of Pluto in Sagittarius – wild spending, traveling, acquiring. The world is now in conservative. traditional Capricorn. Witness the change in the economic climate from 2007 onward. Think Scrooge.

The USA and Canada are both Cancer nations (born July 4 and July 1 respectively). North Americans are going to get it both barrels when Pluto opposes the Sun of the United States and Canadian astrology charts. You will want to be aware of these momentous planetary events because they affect everyone worldwide. Like it or not, I will have plenty to write about for the next two decades!

Yes, I am still practicing astrology. Everybody is asking me that. Many of you are aware that I’ve been working in health and wellness since 1997. The study and practice of astrology is a lifelong great passion of mine, and my interest increases as the years pass. In March 2007, I celebrated my 44th anniversary in astrology and I must say that I am in love with it now more than ever before.

 Astrologers have always been in the back rooms of power, guiding royalty and world leaders through the course of history. Astrology is one of the best systems to determine what is happening to nations and the leaders of nations. Reading the charts of ordinary people was not done until about a 100 years ago. Instead astrology was reserved for heads of state, royalty and the aristocracy. Astrology is new to the commoner.

My advice for everyone over the next 2-3 decades?

Best armchair advice for Pluto through Capricorn (2007-2024): Clear up all debt (moral, financial, emotional, intellectual and physical) and get your spiritual life in order.

For more specific advice, get in touch with me. Getting an edge on Pluto’s transit through Capricorn and WHERE that is happening in your own natal chart (or the chart of a family member or business colleague) can give you a significant edge.

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